Can I have a trial ride?

Yes, you can sign up for our weekly membership and your first week is completely free. You can cancel or upgrade to a monthly or annual membership at any time.

Where do you start your rides?

Typically, we start our rides from either Clapham Common, Richmond Park or Crystal Palace. It all depends on the route we take and also which Ride Leader runs the group. Some of our midweek rides can start at places like Hyde Park and Swains Lane.

What level do you cycle at?

In terms of ability we split into colour coded groups each week – see our ability guide for more info by clicking here

How many and how often are the rides?

We completed 146 rides last year (2017) and we are on course do even more this year! We usually have the choice of between 3/4 a week catering for different ability groups. We also hold social events, holidays and weekend trips throughout the year. You will be able to see our full calendar once by joining our meetup page, which can be found here

How many members are there and what the ratio male to female?

As is stands at the time of writing this we have just under 150 members, of which 45% are female and 55% are male. This is something we are extremely proud of, as we have grown so fast with a great mix of guys and ladies in just two years!

What is the age range?

Age is just a number to us, and we have members off all ages (over 18’s only).

Where do I buy a jersey?

Visit our shop located here